RemScan Apps are available for the measurement of TPH in soil and/​or Soil Texture Class and Granulometry.

These Apps can be used in the following applications:

Site Assessment/​Delineation

RemScan is used to measure the concentration of oil on the surface of the soil and this enables the user to quickly delineate the contaminated area. Depth profiles can be measured by taking a drill core, laying the core out and using RemScan to directly measure the hydrocarbon concentration at various points (depths) along core.

Some examples:

  • Site Clean-Up — RemScan is used to determine the edge of the contaminated zone which can be marked out prior to excavation of the contaminated soil.
  • Emergency Spill Response — RemScan is used firstly to delineate the spill and then, during excavation, to chase the spill and then validate that all of the contaminated soil has been removed.
  • Wash Bay Fines — RemScan can measure the fines which wash off vehicles in a wash bay. Hydrocarbon contaminated fines can be sent for remediation while clean fines can be dumped.


While excavation work is being performed, RemScan can measure the remaining soil to check whether all of the contaminated soil has been removed and whether the remaining soil is clean. Once all contaminated soil has been removed, samples can be sent to the laboratory for final auditing and statutory sign off.


RemScan is used to sort clean soil from contaminated, thereby minimising the amount of soil to remediate.

When soil is being sent to different remediation processes depending on the level of contamination, RemScan can be used to sort the soil to ensure the most efficient processing. For example, highly contaminated soil may be sent to a Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) while lower concentrations may be sent to bioremediation. Each process works most efficiently when fed with a relatively consistent concentration and RemScan can be used to achieve this objective.


RemScan is used to monitor the soil after remediation to ensure that it complies with site requirements. For bioremediation processes, RemScan can monitor the decrease in the concentration of the contamination over time to determine the end point. Once the soil is clean”, it can be removed from the bioremediation pad, thereby increasing the utilisation and throughput of the bioremediation facility.

For thermal desorption or soil washing processes, RemScan can measure the product to ensure that the process has been working efficiently and correctly.


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