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RemBind® is an adsorbent for the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. The product binds permanently to contaminants preventing them from leaching and causing environmental harm.

Since 2011, RemBind® has been used commercially to treat a wide variety of organic contaminants including PFAS, TPH, PAH, pesticides, herbicides and mercury. The product has been successfully applied in USA, Europe and Australia.


> Low cost alternative
> Quick and easy to apply
> Proven long term stability – US EPA 1320
> Worldwide availability


> Adsorbent for soil and groundwater
> Binds permanently to contaminants
> Proven at full-scale globally
> Independently validated by government


> Soil remediation
> Groundwater remediation
> Sediment remediation
> Surface water remediation
> Emergency spill response
> Soil stockpile leachate management

Application of RemBind Worldwide

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