A hand-held instrument for the instant and accurate measurement of soil properties

Our Story

Established in 2008 in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia, Ziltek Pty Ltd has grown into a pioneering technology-driven company. Our commitment to research and development has led us to produce groundbreaking technologies for the global remediation sector. These innovations, born from our partnership with CSIRO — Australia’s premier research and development institution, highlight our drive to make a difference. We are committed to making in-field spectroscopic analysis practical and accessible. Our mission is to blend innovation with practicality, ensuring that our solutions offer both rapid results and reliability across a multitude of applications. Recently, we’ve expanded our horizons, addressing measurement challenges in agriculture and soil carbon assessment among others.

Revolutionizing Analysis with RemScan

Introducing RemScan, our premier product that combines Mid Infrared FTIR Spectroscopy with cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning methods. Originally designed to measure Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil, its versatility has grown to include assessments of Soil Texture, pH, and Organic Carbon with more on the horizon. This adaptability paves the way for advancements in Agriculture, Organic Carbon evaluations, and more. Our core strength is in delivering advanced soil measurement solutions. We’ve had the privilege of serving key industries, including the petroleum, mining, and environmental remediation sectors. As industries shift and expand, we remain committed to evolving our applications to meet these dynamic needs. Behind the technology is our world-class team who provide support to ensure our clients are successful.

Global Reach of Ziltek’s Solution

RemScan has made its mark in diverse locations across the globe, from the icy expanses of the Arctic and Antarctic to the arid landscapes of the Middle East, the tropical Niger Delta and Indonesia, and various regions in Europe, Asia, and North America. To bolster its worldwide presence, we’ve cultivated a robust network of distributors and agents, ensuring that we can service our customers irrespective of distance, environment, or terrain. From our Adelaide base, we offer top-tier live video interactions, product showcases, and round-the-clock training sessions. We don’t just provide tools; we create solutions. By equipping our clients with state-of-the-art technology and backing them with unwavering support, we empower them to achieve operational efficiency and success in their endeavors. The widespread adoption of RemScan speaks to its versatility in varied conditions and the confidence users from different corners of the world place in it.

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Our Team

The People Behind Ziltek.

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