RemScan is a hand-held instrument for the instant and accurate measurement of various parameters in soil

RemScan is being used in many countries around the world in a wide range of climates and soil types. Locations include USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Arctic. The company has distributors and agents in many countries.

This world leading technology is covered by patents in many countries.

RemScan is a platform technology based on Mid Infrared FTIR Spectroscopy and there are a range of Apps for various industries including Soil Remediation and Agriculture. New Apps are continuously being developed to address other industries.

RemScan is manufactured and serviced by Ziltek, a company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia and founded in 2008. Ziltek originally developed RemScan with an App to measure Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil, however new Apps have now been developed for Agriculture, Soil Texture and more.