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RemScan® is a portable device that combines mid-infrared spectroscopy with custom software solutions to provide rapid infield results for contamination remediation and soil quality

The benefits of using RemScan

  • Accurate and repeatable
  • More data
  • Make real-time decisions with confidence
  • Accelerate project closure
  • Minimise sampling, handling and preparation
  • Maximise productivity of staff and equipment
  • Reduce laboratory analysis costs
  • Maximise project effectiveness with RemScan

RemScan’s key features

  • Results in less than 20 seconds
  • Accuracy comparable to laboratory
  • Direct infield measurement or in on-site lab
  • GPS, photo and notes logged
  • No incremental costs
  • No sample extraction required
  • No chemicals
  • No licensing requirements
  • Non-destructive

Global Users

RemScan is a proven technology and has been used in many operations around the world in all climate and soil types – from the arctic to arid desert terrains.

RemScan projects

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RemScan Used as a Tool for STEM Education

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