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Proven and practical
remediation solutions

Ziltek develops innovative products for the global remediation market. All of Ziltek’s technologies are independent to enable customers to use products with confidence.

Using Ziltek’s products, you can quickly measure your contamination levels with confidence on-site, and then remediate your contaminated soil using practical, proven products.


RemScan® is a handheld instrument for the rapid measurement of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil.



RemBind® is a quick and low cost option for the immobilization of contaminants in soil.



RemActiv™ is designed to accelerate the bioremediation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil.



“RMIT is the first educational institution to introduce RemScan to Laboratory-based research. We used RemScan to measure TPH concentrations in soil and the accuracy was similar to lab-based methods, at a fraction of the cost.”

Prof. Andy Ball, Director, Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Remediation, School of Science, RMIT University

“RemBind lived up to our technical expectations in reducing the leachability of PAHs and passed the most rigorous stability test.”

Paul Bowden, General Manager, Integrated Waste Services

“The results from our trial exceeded our expectations and highlighted the effectiveness of RemActiv.”

Kevin Lampard, Global Spill Control

“I used RemScan because I wanted to reduce the uncertainty of estimating contamination by visual staining and smell alone …. site remobilisation can cost thousands of dollars.”

Sam Tymons, Project Manager, Enviropacific Services

“The RemBind product provided a practical solution for the effective treatment of greasy ash waste and achieved the desired treatment outcome for the appropriate disposal of the waste to landfill. Use of the RemBind products provided Southern Waste ResourceCo an alternative treatment methodology to that of bioremediation to manage this uncommon waste stream.”

Wayne Freer, Group Operations Manager, Southern Waste ResourceCo

“RemActiv significantly enhanced the extent of bioremediation compared to soil with nutrient amendment alone.”

Asquith et al., Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, A 1 (2012) 637-650
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