RemScan Exclusive Agent for China

Ziltek has appointed Shanghai Sine Electrician Equipment Co., Ltd as its exclusive distributor of RemScan in China.

Ziltek Pty Ltd (Ziltek) is pleased to announce that Shanghai Sine Electrician Equipment Co., Ltd (Sine) has been assigned as the exclusive distributor for RemScan in China.

Partnering with Sine gives Chinese customers a local sales and support network. Sine holds certificates and permits for the importation of RemScan into China and are experienced in technical and support services, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

In 2014, the Chinese Government published a national soil survey which showed that 16% of all soil and 19% of farmland is potentially contaminated with chemical pollutants. The clean-up costs are estimated at >1 Trillion Yuan. The action plan for prevention and control of soil pollution will involve characterization of soil across China, creating demand for high throughput, cost effective mapping tools like RemScan.

For further details in China, please contact:
Shanghai Sine Electrician Equipment Co.,Ltd
+86 18001907958
+86 21 67298802