RemScan Finalist in Golden Gecko Award

Golden Gecko Awards for Environmental Excellence recognise leading practice and innovation in environmental management and provide an opportunity to share experiences between government, industry and the community.

Ziltek’s team project Better Environmental Outcomes from Hydrocarbon Spills using RemScan” demonstrates the use of RemScan at Australian mine sites for the following applications:

  • Management of hydrocarbon spills, allowing the clean-up supervisor to accurately direct excavation of soils allowing contaminated material to be excavated, avoiding unnecessary cross- contamination and costly handling of clean soils;
  • Validation of spill location clean-up’s that can be archived for environmental audit purposes. This minimises the time delay in waiting for laboratory based data to make management decisions on whether the area has been fully cleaned up; and
  • Bioremediation pads can be monitored more frequently and with more data points than would be cost effective using conventional laboratory – based monitoring.

RemScan Reduces Costs at Australian Mine Site

Mine sites in WA’s Pilbara region are utilising an innovative Australian technology, RemScan to improve the day-to-day management of hydrocarbon- contaminated soil from spills.

This technology, developed by Ziltek and marketed as RemScan, allows for the real-time in-field analysis of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils, which reduces the need for costly and time-consuming laboratory analysis. This leads to more effective on-site management and treatment of the soils as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to off-site disposal.

Ultimately, the RemScan technology ensures that all hydrocarbon-contaminated material is actually collected for remediation, removing the risk of further contamination to any potential environmental hazard.