RemScan Peer Reviewed Paper Published in MethodsX

RemScan: A Tool for Monitoring the Bioremediation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Contaminated Soil

This paper provides a detailed comparison between RemScan and laboratory analysis, with specific reference to bioremediation test-work.

  • The correlation coefficient (R2) between RemScan predictions and laboratory assays was 0.998.
  • Measurements were taken over a range of samples with different soil types and a range of concentrations of 100−100,000 mg/​kg TPH.
  • RemScan provided a significant reduction in cost and time.
    • Laboratory analysis cost about AUD40 whereas RemScan was about AUD5.
    • Laboratory analysis took about 5 days whereas RemScan gave immediate results.
  • Conclusion is that RemScan is a fast, accurate and cost-effective portable device which can be used to monitor bioremediation process.