RemScan Utililsed in Phytomanagement Research

Jan Evangelista PurkynÄ› University, Czech Republic

Ziltek are excited to see RemScan being used for phytomanagement research by the team in the Faculty of Environment, Jan Evangelista PurkynÄ› University (UJEP), Czech Republic.

Phytomanagement is a set of activities leading to reduction of contamination in soil with the help of plants, and at the same time producing biomass for further beneficial use (energy and material use). Therefore, phytomanagement brings environmental and economic benefits.

The main area of research at the Faculty of Environment is the influence of Miscantus x giganteus on contaminated and poor-quality soils with a lack of nutrients.

RemScan has been used for measuring in research localities and many laboratory analyses.

Findings have shown that Miscanthus x giganteus is able to gradually store heavy metals in its root system and rhizomes in a process called phytostabilization.

Ziltek wishes UJEP all the best with their research!