Ziltek Featured in Mine Australia Magazine's Latest Issue

Ziltek is featured in the February 2024 issue of Mine Australia Magazine, highlighting RemScan technology and its impact on the mining and environmental sectors.

Ziltek is featured in the February 2024 edition of Mine Australia Magazine, a prestigious publication focusing on the mining industry’s latest trends and technologies. The magazine’s 40th issue features an in-depth look at Ziltek and the pivotal role RemScan technology plays within the mining and environmental sectors.

The article delves into how RemScan technology facilitates efficient and accurate detection of soil contaminants, crucially enhancing the effectiveness of environmental remediation and mining operations. It showcases Ziltek’s commitment to innovation and efforts towards sustainable practices in addressing environmental challenges within the mining industry.

Ziltek is dedicated to ongoing research and development, aiming to further innovate and support sustainable mining and environmental management practices. The feature in Mine Australia Magazine underscores the significant contribution to the industry and the relentless pursuit of excellence.