Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Concentration Prediction in Soils Using Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Spectroscopy

Soil Science Society of America Journal
Volume 77, Issue 2, Mar 2013, Pages 337 – 697

March 2013


This paper provides the theoretic background for the measurement of TPH using MIR with RemScan.

  • The potential as a rapid and accurate non-destructive method to determine TPH concentrations is proposed.
  • The most sensitive parts of the IR spectra were investigated and identified.
  • Provides background for selection of MIR DRIFT technique.
  • Spectra are provided for a range of concentrations of TPH in a range of different soil types.
  • PLS modelling confirms the viability of accurate TPH measurements in soil with little interferences from Soil Organic Matter (SOM) or carbonate.