The Bench Stand is an essential component of the RemScan system. Designed for versatility, it facilitates efficient soil sample measurements, whether in a laboratory, a site hut, or even the back of a truck. By providing a stable platform, it not only allows operators to handle samples and record data with ease but also ensures consistently reliable scanning conditions. 

Whether you’re dealing with air-dried samples on drying slides or sample cups, the Bench Stand is your go-to measurement platform. Its widespread use among customers has made it a standard inclusion in the RemScan kit.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatility: Adaptable to various environments, the stand can be used in-field, on a truck bed, within a site hut, or in a laboratory setting.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: The Bench Stand’s stability contributes to precise and dependable TPH measurements.
  • Convenience: The Bench Stand streamlines the measurement process for large soil sample batches. It frees your hands for sample preparation, handling, and tablet interaction, optimising efficiency.
  • Robust & Stable: Crafted for durability, the stand offers a secure and stable platform for the RemScan, suitable for any environment.
  • User-friendly: Setting up is a breeze. Simply mount the RemScan and tablet onto the stand, and you’re ready to scan.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Bench Stand holds both the RemScan and tablet, creating an ergonomic workspace that promotes comfortable, extended use.