The Portable Drying Unit is designed for the swift in-field drying of damp soil samples. With the capacity to manage up to 35 samples at once and produce results within 30 minutes, it stands as a convenient and mobile alternative to traditional air-drying methods.

Samples are placed on specialised drying slides, optimised for quick drying. These slides are also tailored to integrate seamlessly with the Bench Stand, ensuring effortless measurements post-drying. The Portable Drying Unit is the preferred choice for any fieldwork that demands efficient sample drying. When used alongside RemScan for TPH soil measurements, it’s even more effective. This is because RemScan advises drying for samples that register above 5% free moisture content.

Included as a staple accessory in the RemScan field kit, the Portable Drying Unit is housed in a durable Pelican case, complete with all necessary charging, power, and related accessories.

Features and Benefits

  • User-Centric Design: Features straightforward operation with a pre-set temperature of 40°C, ensuring efficient drying without notable alterations to TPH concentrations.
  • Versatility: Adaptable for various settings, be it in-field, on a truck bed, inside a site hut, or within a laboratory.
  • RemScan Integration: With RemScan’s moisture detection feature, users are prompted to use the drying unit for samples with over 5% moisture, ensuring accurate TPH measurements.
  • Portability: While it’s perfect for on-site operations, its diverse power options, including wall power, 12V car outlet, and battery, make it suitable for virtually any environment.
  • Efficiency: Capable of drying up to 35 samples in about 30 minutes, with the exact duration varying based on soil type and initial moisture content.